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Gentle Homemade Bar Soap

Homemade oatmeal and honey goat milk soap

So this project wasn't as smooth as I had planned it to be and the bars didn't turn out quite as "perfect" as I had envisioned but they do smell delicious and they have their own organic sense of beauty about them so I can't really complain. When I set out to make my own bar soap, I did tons of research and I quickly realized I had no desire to fool with lye and the fumes associated with it. I found a few different recipes that looked and sounded lovely with goats milk soap as the base and it can be purchased (at a craft store or on amazon) and melted down. Add a few of your favorite ingredients and there you have it!

Have you ever burnt chocolate chips trying to melt them in the microwave? Yea, well I had one of these situations because I tried to do it my own way with my soap. Ugh. I ended up going from trying to use the microwave to using a double boiler and I never really got a good melt out of it. BUT! I still made my pretty soaps in the end with a little extra work.