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How I gave my master bedroom life without breaking the bank!

It seems like no matter where I have lived, the master bedroom is always the last room thats gets my attention. This home hasn’t been no exception. Fun fact: This room was my very first bedroom. My nursery when my parents brought me home from the hospital. I have never seen pictures but I have heard stories of how beautiful my mom had it decorated. Sweet carousel horses. I can picture how magical my mom had made it here. She makes everything magic. Well it has come time for me to turn it into an adult room now and not too girly for my very manly, hunter of a husband- who, bless his heart, would let me decorate as I please and never complain. So, I try not to make it all frilly at his expense.

Our beautiful bed bed is the only bedroom piece we brought with us and the only thing we really wanted. It was fairly new and it’s beautiful and comfortable so it was definitely staying. The other pieces came along organically, as they had been my dads. A set my grandma had bought for him when he was newly home from Vietnam. Over the years, parts of the set had been finished differently here and there so nothing matched. I decided to paint it all to match the bed I brought (including the bed that goes with the set so they are all the same now!).

It had had been a bit dreary in here prior to painting everything white because the finishes were dark blues and deep wood finishes. With the low ceilings it was just not very cheerful. I started with my vanity. A vital part of my bedroom. Our home only has one, very small bathroom which is fantastic because is leaves me with very little cleaning on Sunday’s after church! But, getting ready can be difficult with everyone coming in and out and there isn’t much room to work. So, this beautiful vanity is where I fix my hair and put on my makeup. Giving me room to move around, a place to store my things and I am not in the way of whoever else in the house needs the bathroom-which if you’re a mom, you know is literally everyone in the house when you’re in the bathroom... Well this boring old thing is shining now! She is lovely!

Next, I did the matching dresser. It still needs a coat of paint but for the sake of time, I went ahead and took pictures in the process anyway. Once finished, the hardware and front legs will be gold to give them a little extra love. A little boho, a little vintage. I think that’s where my heart lives.

The paint I used was a little expensive at $20 a can (I got the Kilz chalk paint) but I wanted something that covered well and would hold up on my good furniture. I ended up buying a second can because I plan to paint my night stands and a third dresser as well but I think two decent sized pieces can be done with one can.

My next step was to pick some accessories. A few things I already had, my hats, my fake succulent (because I have a black thumb), the ampersand, a really cool drawing my daughter did that I framed with an old frame. Then I bought a few things. New lamps ($30 each for Walmart) for the night stands, pillows off amazon ($30, still waiting for those), and another fake plant I found at target on clearance and bonus I had a gift card I won at a baby shower for that!! Over all, about $150 was spent and our room was completely changed from really a place I didn’t want to spend time to a place I really enjoy going to hang out and write my blogs or read a book. We have even huddled up and watched a movie as a family in here and that is something we hadn’t done since we had moved in here.

You don't have to break the bank to bank to give any room life! Sometimes it’s just taking what you already have and breathing life back into it!

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