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The Process

What to expect from Inquiry to Delivery


No. 1

Fill out the inquiry form with as much information as possible.

No. 2

Once I receive your form, I will look over all of the information and decide which collections will work for your wedding day.

No. 3

Within 48 hours, you will receive and email with a linked proposal.

The Proposal

Regardless of the size of your wedding budget, the cost is important. In most cases it is the most important factor. Uniquely, I believe in pricing transparency. 

When you receive your proposal, complete with pricing, take some time and look over all of the collections. I will never suggest more than what is necessary to document your wedding in its entirety. Whether it is your preference to keep a tight schedule with little downtime, or your would like to space out the events of the day, I will accommodate your wishes.


Choosing the amount of time can feel overwhelming but know that I am here to guide you. We will set up a time to meet or schedule a call to discuss all of your questions.

Once you have chosen the perfect collection, you are able to select it right in the proposal portal. As you progress through the next pages, you will be able to sign your contract and make the retainer payment.  Please keep in mind that the date is not secure until the contract is signed and the retainer has been paid in full. 

It's Official

You are officially a QAL couple!

It's time to style and schedule your engagement session!

I will find your Pinterest boards to see your vision so we can make it your reality!

Next Steps

No. 1

On the last page of your proposal you will find a questionnaire. Over the next few months, as your planning progresses, fill out all of the answers as completely as possible

No. 2

I will build a mockup timeline of your wedding day. Roughly six weeks before your wedding, I will reach out to you the with the timeline and set up a call to finalize all of the details of the day.

No. 3

About one month from your wedding, we will have a call to go over last minute questions and changes. I will gather your family portrait list so be sure to have that ready!

Get Married

It is your big day!

My number one goal is to keep your focus on what matters most. Celebrating your love. I will guide you through the day and keep you blissfully unaware of the time. Know that behind my camera, I have tears in my eyes as you say your vows. I am stopping to photograph the smile on your parents faces when you are announced for the very first time. I see your grandmothers hands folded in prayer and I will make sure you have that image to hold onto forever. 

This is one of the biggest moments of your life and it will be over in a flash. I am here to document all of the moments that passed you by too quickly. It is an honor to be the keeper of your memories and I do not take the responsibility lightly.

Gallery Delivery

EEK! It's finally ready! 

You can expect your wedding gallery, in its entirety, within a few weeks of your wedding. It will be delivered via email so keep your eyes peeled for pure joy in your inbox.

It is such gift to walk alongside you as you take your vows and celebrated with those you hold dear.  I can't wait to follow along through the next chapters of your life!

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