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This is a great idea! Right!?

So, you will never find me standing in a field filled with snow, wearing a dress and makeup- unless it's to have my picture taken. Which is a rarity itself. I would much rather be on the other side of the camera, capturing the beauty in others. I do however, realize that I have to introduce myself now and then so here I am, totally out of my element.

On any given day, you would likely find me in my kitchen. Thrown right back into 1950. You see my home is very old, at least a century and probably many years more. I have no dishwasher, no garbage disposal and I cherish it. When I prepare a meal, I like to do so the way my grandmothers did. I cook from scratch, with real ingredients put on God's green Earth to nourish our bodies. I love that my husband hunts in many capacities and I have the skill to prepare the meats he brings home. It feels real and healthy and the way we are meant to nourish ourselves. I take so much pride in that.

I tend to thrive in a more simple way of life. I learned this about myself in the last year. My family recently moved into my childhood home. It is merely a third of the size of our previous home. With this transition, we were forced to strip ourselves of most of our belongings. We donated, sold and threw away an unbelievable amount of things that had absolutely no meaning or purpose for us. It was freeing to say the least. So much less stuff to deal with means so much more time to spend with the people who matter. Who knew the crap we have weighs us down so much!? I certainly had no idea.

Since this life change, I have felt such a pull to help others find this same peace. So here I am, ready to share my journey with you because maybe it will make your life feel just a little simpler and yet so much more full at the same time. It is an incredible balance that I think so many mothers (and fathers) strive for but never really see it as attainable. I can tell you, I do not have it all figured out, but I am on a path that is far better than the hamster wheel I used to spin.

I will share my money saving tips, my time management ideas and plans, my recipes, my ups and downs, my success and failures, my relationship with God, my parenting ideals and whatever else feels important to help others find a sense of calm in this life.

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