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How do you take your coffee?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This pretty little this changed my mornings forever and is saving me money in the process.

A few months ago my husband sat me down like I was six years old and said " Honey, you are spending money. Like a lot of money. What are you buying? You really need to get this under control because we have goals of buying land and we will never get there at this rate." He was right. I was just running around buying nonsense, going out to eat and acting like a total fool.

So I set a few rules for myself: I was not going to let myself buy anything online without letting it sit in my cart for at least a week. I realized I was buying so much on a whim. I wasn't mulling over what was actually necessary for our lives and I was having crap delivered...again. I don't want crap and I don't have room for it. I wasn't going to go shopping alone. I tended to go alone and just buy anything that tickled my fancy. Well that's just silly. If someone is with you when you pick up that blanket, they will say to you "Um, you have 378 blankets. You don't need that" I need checked like that so a "parent" while shopping is imperative.